Yoga for Runners

A workshop specifically tailored to runners!

with Claire Maley

Saturday 22nd February

1pm - 3pm


We will help you listen and connect to your body in motion whilst working on strength, release and flexibility to support recovery and help you avoid injury.

The more mindful connection that you have with your body, the more you will be able to listen to it’s signs, avoiding pushing too hard, know when you can push further and be able to take the much needed rest periods we all need.

What to Expect:

  •  Stength sequences focused on the core muscle groups working to support our knees, hips and ankles .


  • Stretch sequences interwoven with strength to support mobility and help you release tension

  • Breathing exercises showing you how to make the most of your breath, how to use the breath when running and how yoga can support this.

  • Discussions on our experiences running and how it relates to yoga.

About Claire:

Claire is currenly training for an ultra marathon. She says:

"Yoga has been paramount in keeping me in tune with my body, navigating how much my body can take and when it needs attention. Yoga has given me the deep connection with my body, enabling me to be aware of what muscles that have tightness and where they are, self massage and when rest is needed.
I want to bring this deep connection to others and to spread the message that trail running is a sport for anyone, it brings such adventure and beautiful views."