Coming all the way from Bali, Laura is joining us in studio,
to lead not one but two delicious Yin workshops in August.

Wed 22 Sept 21
7.15 - 9.15 pm


Fri 3 Sept 21
6.15 - 8.15pm




Shake, Rebalance and Reset 


A practice that fuses yin yoga shapes and tension release techniques (TRE) to help the body let go of years of stress, trauma and tension. Aiding the release of energetic stagnation, an unwinding of the fascia body and removal of blocks from within the tissues of the body. 


Perfect to help shake off the last year of pandemic stress. For anyone who feels stuck, is ready to let go of something holding them back or is after a deeply nourishing experience for their body, mind and nervous system. 


We'll start the class with an introduction to TRE and the body's natural stress release system before experiencing the release for ourselves. This is the perfect workshop for some real self-care.


Space & softness for your body, mind and heart 


In Yin Yoga we hold shapes for around 5 minutes to allow the body time to open up, release and go deep. And, we rarely move off the floor.  Physically we’ll open up the tissues, use chosen shapes to release energetic blocks and for 90-minutes you’ll get the space to notice how you truly are. 


It’s a practice of release, acceptance and compassion.


  • Helps you find balance

  • Calms your nervous system

  • Nourishes your internal organs

  • Supports deep sleep 

  • Relaxes the mind

  • Eases stress and anxiety 

  • Unwinds your fascia body 

  • Releases energetic blocks and stagnation from your body

  • Helps heal period pains, PMS and cycle irregularities


Suitable for men and women, all shapes and sizes, all ages.

Laura Wilkes

Laura is a 200hr vinyasa and ashtanga trained yoga teacher, and now focuses on sharing the softness and deeply healing practice of Yin Yoga. With 140 hours of Yin Yoga, Embodiment and Mindfulness training, and her experience in stress release (TRE), somatic movement, Traditional Chinese Medicine and Myofascia release, her classes are created to slow you down, tune you in to your inner body and create a space for deep rest and healing.