Strong Vinyasa


This workshop is designed to help challenge and grow your yoga practice. In our 90 minute masterclass, you’ll get a strong vinyasa flow sequence to prepare the body with the added bonus of a breakdown to help you take on that hard to nail posture of the month ...

Saturday 28th March |  1.30 - 3pm

Saturday 23rd May |  1.30 - 3pm

Saturday 22nd August |  1.30 - 3pm

Saturday 24th October |  1.30 - 3pm

inga sound healing.jpg

Sound Bath Relaxation

A sound bath is a deeply relaxing, rejuvenating and restorative experience- where you are immersed in beautiful relaxing sounds of gongs, singing bowls, drums and voice ...

Sunday 15th March | 6 - 7.30pm



Yoga Circle

A women's circle is a safe and sacred space for women to come together to breathe, move and rest, a space to be heard and be seen. This is our monthly sacred space of rest, retreat and reconnection.


Open to women of all ages, life stages and cycle phases, including babies and young children.

dates announced soon


Yoga for Runners

The more mindful connection that you have with your body, the more you will be able to listen to it’s signs, avoiding pushing too hard, know when you can push further and be able to take the much needed rest periods we all need. And of course learn how to strengthen and stretch the right places in optimal ways. 

Saturday 31st May  |  1 - 3pm

Saturday 15th August   |  1 - 3pm

Saturday 21st November  |  1 - 3pm


Breath, Body & Mind

Come & explore new paths to health and wholeness.
Rachel recently trained with Dr’s from New York who are also Yoga teachers & Martial Artists. They have devised an excellent health programme Uniting Evidence based Science with Ancient Wisdom.
Safe natural and gentle treatments for stress reduction, insomnia, trauma, happy aging, mental and physical challenges and Relaxation.

Saturday 29th February | 2 - 4pm

Spring Equinox 2020.jpg

Spring Equinox Women's Ceremony

Join Naseem and group of dear sisters for a day-long immersion, embracing cyclical wisdom, uniting Earth and Body and birthing beauty through an embodied engagement in surrendering to our feminine essence. A noble and sacred passageway of immense creativity, awakening an intrinsic connection in our souls to the natural rhythms of Life.  

Saturday 21st March | 12:30 - 6pm


Myofascial Release with Yin

Join Kanti to experience Myofascial Release with balls integrated & combined with a Seasonal Yin Yoga practice. These techniques are simple but extremely effective.

Sunday 19th April | 2 - 4pm


Sound to Silence:  

with Ajikya

Mantra and music mediation!

Experience the power of breath and deeper relaxation through meditation, mantra and live flute music. 

Sunday 26th April | 4 - 6pm



with Christine

We often forget to treat ourselves to the simple gift of time to pause and rest.  Gentle movement, restorative yoga and deeply restful yoga nidra (yogic sleep) designed to help our body rest, nervous system settle and perhaps find some clarity in our thoughts.

Saturday  25th April  |  2:30 - 5pm

Saturday 29th August  |  2:30 - 5pm

Saturday 31st October  |  2:30 - 5pm


Kids Yoga:

School holidays

Join us for our first children's yoga school holiday class with Kelly Fairy. Expect fun, games and lots of laughs. Learning yoga in a fun and safe environment using traditional poses, chanting, breathing and relaxation techniques. The perfect way to unwind in the school break and make new friends.

Next coming half term


*Offer available once per person