Connect and unwind.

Sun 7 Nov 21
11am - 1pm

£12 / 16 / 20 options

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A women’s circle is a space where women of all ages come to share their life stories, express their emotions, share whatever feels right and listen to one another (compassionately and non judgementally). Sometimes referred to as red tents or moon lodges, circles are spaces open to all ages. 


Often a place to set intentions, and harness the collective power of a group of like-minded individuals.


Womens circles will often include; short & accessible Meditation practices, sharing, card pulling, and relaxation. 

What to Expect:

  • A cup of tea

  • Meditation

  • An opportunity (if you wish) to share without judgement

  • Deep relaxation


Suitable for all women of all ages.

Codie-Leigh Rylatt

Codie loves teaching Yoga that is built on Community, Care & Connection. Her teaching is rooted in both the physical and spiritual aspects, and in bringing it all together. She aims to create a space for you to connect with yourself and with others. Yoga on and off the mat coming together. 


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