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We see health holistically and believe there are many paths to wellness.
We are proud to work alongside other practistioners offering treatments and therapies to help take care of yourself! 


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OSTEOPATHY with Aimee & Rhodri

The University College of Osteopathy taught me the clinical nature of evidence-based Osteopathy, and the vital importance of looking at the person as a whole, and in context of their lives.

This is Patient-Centred Care: recognising that a person’s history, state of mind, and external life influences their physical body and therefore their pain.

We do not regionalise the body; I know and understand its rhythms, and the intertwined components that make it work – the breath, the cardiovascular system, the hormonal balance. But most importantly we recognise that every person is different and therefore every treatment approach reflects this.

Your plan is discussed and agreed upon with you and may include a combination of these, or all three:

  • traditional structural Osteopathic treatment plan, focussing on the areas that need attention, and the reasons for your pain;

  • bespoke therapeutic yoga postures for home rehabilitation, which will strengthen you as a whole, and gradually build up your affected areas to match your freedom of movement all over;

  • breathing and relaxation exercises, which are powerful tools in strengthening the robustness of your physical and mental health.


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SKIN & BEAUTY with Kayleigh

Established in 2016 by Kayleigh Newbury-Ashby, KCL Skin & Beauty Clinic offers unparalleled service with real results. We use cutting-edge technologies and premium medical grade skincare range AlumierMD, every treatment is bespoke to you helping you achieve your skincare goals.

KCL is committed to helping you look and feel your best.

We look forward to welcoming you to KCL Clinic soon.

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