Amy Kirkbride

Co-founder at Zest Amy is so excited to bring yoga to the community here in Olney! 

She is super interested in movement, the body and breathe and loves to teach a inquisitive, fun, flowing practise!

She also has a passion for pregnancy yoga since having her first baby


Paula Inch

Paula brings a perfect balance of playful and focused, effort and ease to the mat! She offers a wonderful mixture of styles from beginners taking it easy to a challenging, fun and strong flow.

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Ajinkya Patki

Ajikya has been imparting the ancient yogic wisdom and practises across India for many years. Over 5000 people have experienced his workshops and relaxation techniques.   


Jamie Tyler

Jamie initially fell in love with yoga as a way to bring strength, flexibility and focus to his work as a performer. Passionate about the creativity that Vinyasa/ flow can bring to traditional Hatha poses he offers friendly, fun classes for all levels.

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Codie- Leigh Rylatt

Codie-Leigh loves teaching Yoga that is built on Community, Care & Connection. Her teaching is rooted in both the physical and spiritual aspects, and in bringing it all together. She aims to create a space for you to connect with yourself and with others. Yoga on and off the mat coming together. 

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Charley Colombo

Charley enjoys weaving yoga on and off the mat into being a mum and daily life.  She loves exploring functional breathing, spending time understanding poses and finding inward moments to centre and observe. Charley’s classes are welcoming, light-hearted and supportive spaces, aimed to guide students to find their inner power/what makes their soulbeam.


Patricia Clementson

Tricia started her journey with Yoga after a serious accident which resulted in debilitating injuries. By practising Yoga Tricia was able to build strength in her mind and body to heal. This led to Tricia developing a lifelong passion for Yoga and wanting to share her experiences with others.  Let Tricia guide you to building strength in your mind and body helping you to achieve your full potential.

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Emma Galley

"I’m on a Mission to help everyone and anyone incorporate some Yoga into their life. My passion for teaching Yoga is insane I love that it helps you stretch, detox and works the body but calms the mind.  My teaching style is powerful, playful and heartfelt. I train a lot in the gym lifting weights so I find yoga balances and supports my body to help with flexibility and recovery and prevent injury.
I trained with Yoga Haven in Morocco where I gained my Vinyasa Flow and meditation qualification. At Zest I will be teaching mindful Vinyasa Flow Yoga!"

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Inga Lilgestrom

Inga is a sound healer. She teaches sound healing with the Sound Healing Academy based in Cornwall. She is also a vocalist and composer and is currently undertaking a PhD in music. At Zest she offers monthly sound baths where you are immersed in beautiful relaxing sounds of gongs, singing bowls, drums and voice.


Joanna Cieplik

introducing soon...