Sound to Silence

Mantra & music meditation

with Ajikya 

Sunday 26th April

4pm - 6pm


Presenting the first of it's kind Mantra and Music Meditation workshops with Ajinkya!
Experience the power of breath and deeper relaxation through meditation, mantra and live flute music.


What to Expect 

- Yogic practises of 'sukshma vyayam' - forming subtler yogic postures for loosening the body

- Power packed breathing techniques to empower and re-energise your body with yogic mudras to channel and synchronise the flow of energy

- Sanskrit prayers and Mantras from ancient Yogic scriptures for relaxation, peace of the mind and awareness

- Live flute music accompanied by the tanpura to take you deeper into meditation to calm and soothe your mind and body!



About Ajinkya

Ajikya has been imparting the ancient yogic wisdom and practises across India for years. Over 5000 people have experienced his workshops and relaxation techniques.