Monthly Sound Baths

every month with Inga Liljestrom

One Sunday per month

(see dates below)

6pm - 7.30pm


*not suitable during first trimester of pregnancy

What to expect:

A sound bath is a deeply relaxing, rejuvenating and restorative experience- where you are immersed in beautiful relaxing sounds of gongs, singing bowls, drums and voice, all known for their therapeutic effect on body, mind, emotions, soul and spirit. Through the use of ancient sound and frequency, the mind enters the meditative alpha theta brainwave state, bringing peace, clarity and balance. Our bodies, being made up of at least 70% water, responds to the resonance of the sounds, entraining the body into it's rightful health and wellbeing.

About Inga:
Inga is a sound healer for both 1:1 and groups, and has run sound baths in the UK and Australia. She teaches sound healing with the Sound Healing Academy based in Cornwall. She is also a vocalist and composer and is currently undertaking a PhD in music.