Self-care Sunday

Unraveling the what, why and how of self-care


with Laura Wilkes

Sunday 2nd June

2pm - 4pm


Unraveling the What, Why and How of Self-Love 


You are incredibly wonderful and completely perfect, just as you are. 

And it’s time to start realising it.


This 2-hour workshop combines knowledge, love, and yoga to empower you to re-think about the way you take care of yourself amidst the busyness and demands of everyday life. It will inspire you to truly love yourself and start taking actions that put YOU first. 


If you:

feel like you are always giving

can never say no 

have a set of negative voices in your head that continuously talk to you

struggle with body image and food

feel anxious or stressed

feel like you are always giving

don’t have “looking after you” high on your priority list … then this workshop is for you.



About Laura:

Originally from Olney, Laura is a traveling yogi who is now based in Ubud, Bali. She works for one of the biggest yoga centers in South East Asia, The Yoga Barn, in a role where she combines her marketing background and drive to bring yoga into the lives of more people. 


After leaving her corporate life in London Laura set off to do her Yoga Teacher Training in India and has been living on a yoga-guided adventure ever since. After spending a lot of time on her own, with her head in books, in totally out of the comfort zone situations, meeting interesting people, and surrounded by great learning opportunities across yoga, yogic philosophy, meditation, health, and self-development, she came to realise her journey was one of self-love. How when you learned how to love yourself, everything started to change… 


She is an empowerment enthusiast and is passionate about using her experiences and knowledge on the subject of self-love to help you realise how amazing you truly are.  


“Self-love is the foundation of everything we do, of every decision we make. It shapes everything in our lives; from what we put into our bodies, the company we keep, the clothes we wear, the job we have, and the relationship we are in, to how we treat others and how others treat us. If we don’t love ourselves, how we expect anyone else to love us?”