Myofascial Release with Yin

Release Knots of Tension

 & Stretch Deeply

with Kanti Freeman

Sunday 19th April

2pm - 4pm

£25 (early bird)


Join Kanti to experience Myofascial Release with balls integrated & combined with a Seasonal Yin Yoga practice
By identifying trigger points, in this session you will find deep release of long held tension in the muscles & fascia, which will improve overall posture, joint mobility & movement. Think ‘self massage’ 
These techniques are simple but extremely effective

What to Expect: 

Learn simple & effective methods to release tension in your body which will deepen your Yin Yoga practice. These two practices combined will leave you feeling more open, spacious & grounded along with a sense of overall peace & well-being.

About Kanti:

 "I have been diving deep into the practice & teaching in Yin Yoga over the past 5 years. I took a lot of training inluding 'Yin & Traditional Chinese Medicine' and 'Yin & Myofascial Release'. Through personal experience & feedback from my students the MFR & Yin together it seems to be an awesome combination that really 'gets in there' to those deep knots of tension which then allows for a fuller more complete release into the Yin postures."